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Vessyl, a connected cup that’s too good to be true?
Stacey Higginbotham,

For $99 you can pre-order a Yves Behar-designed con­nect­ed cup that will not only track how much you drink, but also what’s in your drink. After the pre-order peri­od ends, the cup with retail for $199. The cup is pricey, but cool, and as some­on…

De rodaje con @systema_solar y @choquibtown #yovoyganao berriondera picotera en taganga

Gustavo Ariel Garcia,


A.Visualist the documentary (Enhanced) (by In The Not So Linear Universe)

(vía fuckyeavjing)


Real Time Visuals presents… (by Northern Stars)

112-Meter High Gas Tank Becomes A Massive Light Installation (Alex Nicholson),

The Gasometer Oberhausen in Germany is a former 20,000 square meter former gas tank that has been converted into an exhibition space. Last year it housed the Big Air Package, the world’s largest inflatable structure without a skeleton (also the…

Shok1’s Rainbow Negative Hands (Austin McManus),

London-based graffiti writer, Shok 1, recently painted a pair of rainbow hands that resemble X-ray negatives in Brooklyn, New York.

Bug Labs launches Freeboard as part of a technology toolset for the internet of things
Stacey Higginbotham,

Bug Labs, a soft­ware firm behind a of a vari­ety of con­nect­ed devices and ser­vices, is sick of the frag­ment­ed nature of the inter­net of things. So it has cre­at­ed a tech­nol­o­gy toolset to help tie dif­fer­ent devices togeth­er and make…

With Office for iPad, Microsoft Kills Its Old Ideology
Ryan Tate,

Microsoft released Office for iPad, a clear sign that the company is liberalizing — embracing platforms made by others and finally letting go of the Windows dominance it had struggled to conserve. Free love will be a challenge for the …